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Pretty Word ft. Serena Nicolle

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Holding the heart of a loved one in the palm of your hand is expressed in pleasant house music using analog instruments fused with electronic elements to bring love to life.

DJ Ascension brings love to life with the beautiful voice of Serena Nicolle singing “Pretty Word” from the heart. Inspired by deep love lost in distance the song portrays a true connection between two people separated by space and time. Elegant guitars enrich the soundscape with natural bass tones softening the thick low end. Uplifting synthesis and sound design paint the soundscape with luscious melodies carrying the mind and heart as one across the endless fields of human fulfillment. Composed in digital and recorded in analog to meticulously care for each sound waves vibration so that it reaches the depths of your being to inspire joy and positivity. Recorded at Scottsdale Community College Studios with the help of assistant engineer Alejo Gordillo to preserve the rich analog textures. Mixed down to two track and Mastered the UK at The Fat Mastering to bring you the full sonic experience of real life in real time.


Thoughts of a pretty word, I have heard you speak
When you believe
Feeling you think of me, so far away, why must you be
Miles Apart
Journey of ourselves we have chosen this path for us
To progress
Actions that we must take in this world will lead us
To happiness

Beliefs we will never dismiss our presence
We are strange in our existence
Intentions we have set to coexist
Letting go, of all that we resist
To fill our promise to ourselves, the ones we made
Before entering this realm
It’s not where you are that defines your happiness
It’s how you are when you are there
Not just what you say, but how you speak
Not just what you grab, but how you reach