1. Deception

From the recording Deception

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Transmuting the lies that lovers tell one another is the underlying intention of the song Deception. Healing the wounds we give and take by not being honest and transparent with those we love and care for. Massive heavy bass line with beautiful top end accompanies the mid range sang rom the heart. “A woman’s intuition is the strongest so they, seeing through the lies, manipulations, and games men play.” - Verse one. Meant to inspire both men women or whomever to be open, honest, and transparent throughout each day with one another. Lies surround us all day in many forms but the last place we wish to experience them is from a loved one. The journey of man walking away from his shadow self and stepping into the light of responsibility brings forth the lessons presented in this song. Beats produced in Ableton, Vocals recorded on SSL, all channels sent through analog console and outboard gear to provide rich fullness. Mastered in the UK for pristine sound quality.
Produced, recorded, engineered, and mix solely by Ascension then released to the FAT Mastering the in UK for polishing, the sound quality is pristine from what feedback has been given by other studio engineers.